Published Compositions

An exciting new work for brass quintet! “Summer Dances – a Ballet for Brass Quintet”. Available from Editions BIM (

Summer Dances cover


The Latest addition to the Trumpet Outings series! EZ Trpt. Ens. Outings 


An exciting new book of original easy, interesting, and challenging trumpet trios and quartets. From Doo-wop to Basie, Flamenco to Russian Chorus – great for section features and after-school get-togethers!

You can order it here…


Now also available from Editions BIM..

Charles Reskin, Intermediate Ensemble Outings for 3 to 4 trumpets

This book is a collection of original short pieces for three or four trumpets (and one for two trumpets and trombone or baritone). Some of the pieces can even be performed using more than one player on a part; e.g., the entire trumpet section of your school band might use some of the pieces for special events . As in the other Trumpet Outings volumes, there is a wide and eclectic range of musical styles and moods, from traditional classical through jazz and pop. Here again, the main idea is to have fun exploring many different types of music, and to enjoy the satisfaction of perfecting your ensemble playing!

Published by Editions BIM, Vuarmarens, Switzerland:

The Trumpet Outings series. The series was conceived to provide trumpet players of all levels with diverse and musical studies and duets in as many different musical styles and idioms as possible; from Renaissance through Debussy, Bartok, Jazz, Minimalist, Serial, Celtic, Latin, and many more. An excellent and fun preparation for today’s demanding eclectic repertory. All pieces are complete musical compositions, and can be performed on recitals or at special events. Be sure to check out the great FREE Downloadable Online Accompaniments for the etudes in the Easy and Intermediate volumes!

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  • Easy Trumpet Outings   12 Etudes and 11 Duets for students with two years of lessons or band participation (recommended).
  • Intermediate Trumpet Outings   12 Etudes and 12 Duets for competent students with a well-developed command of the instrument, rhythm, phrasing and style.
  • Advanced Trumpet Outings, Book 1   16 Etudes and 13 Duets (one is a 3-trumpet Fanfare and one is for trumpet and trombone). A wide variety of fun and challenging music for advanced students and pros.
  • Advanced Trumpet Outings, Book 2   14 Etudes and 14 Duets ( including 2 duets for trumpet and trombone). More wide-ranging musical adventures for advanced students and pros.

Sonata for Trumpet (and Flügelhorn) and Piano 

Sonata pic

This work was inspired in part by American music, both classical and jazz, of the       mid-20th century, and is an homage to the composers of that era. The two outer movements are written for trumpet in C, and the middle movement is scored for Flügelhorn in Bb.

Unpublished Works:


  • Three Gestures for Trumpet and Harp  in 3 movements: Seascape, The Temple Ghost and Duende en el Aire (advanced).
  • Petites Hommages for Flute and Piano  Suite of 5 short movements: Crickadiddle Kahn and Dandy Putham, Armenian Fear Nodules, Molecuglio I.DiPotpie, The Habañera of Death, and Song of Clark Medley (advanced).
  • Woodwind Quintet in 4 movements: Cadenza-Prologue, Caricatures, Elegy and Burlesque (advanced)
  • Clarinet Outings in 3 volumes: Easy Clarinet Outings, Intermediate Clarinet Outings and Advanced Clarinet Outings (Original Studies and Duets in a wide range of styles)
  • Grooves and Glimpses in 1 movement for Trumpet in C, Violin and Piano (advanced)

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