Just a few highlights from over the years (in random order)…

Conducting Brass Ensemble at Miami-Dade College, 2009


On tour in Asia with KC and the Sunshine Band, 1994. The horn section (from L to R): me, Bobby Martinez (sax), Gary Grimaldi (trombone) and Steve Jankowski (trumpet).


With KC (Harry Casey) and some of the Sunshine Band on the Great Wall of China during our Pacific Rim Tour in 1994.

KC and crew on Great Wall - Beijing 1994

Rehearsal for Rutter Gloria, 2009


Trumpet section of the Florida Grand Opera orchestra. (L to R): me (3rd), Peter Francis (2nd) and Oscar Garcia-Montoya (Principal), 2008


The things we do for money! Fanfare gig at Viscaya (Miami) with Tony Pearsall, 2009.


At a concert with the Florida Sunshine Pops Orchestra, 2011. L to R, Tom Stancampiano, Wallace McMurray and myself.


With Claudio Roditi and Terry Warburton at the 2012 ITG (International Trumpet Guild) Conference in Columbus, GA.

ITG May 2012 027

The Impact of Brass Trumpet Quartet performing at Calder Race Track, 2012.

Calder 7-12 007

New Year’s Eve 2012 gig with legendary former Kenton/Ferguson lead player, Dennis Noday.

Dennis Noday and CR 003

With my daughter, Lauren, and my son, Daniel at Lauren’s 2nd Knight Grant Award ceremony at the New World Center on Miami Beach, 2012.

Lauren's Knight Award 2012 018

With my girlfriend, Georgina Kirkendall, at Macchu Pichu, Peru, in 2009.


With my brother, David, my best buddy, 2010.


Last but far from least, my late parents, Joan Field Reskin and Alan Reskin in Paris, 1980. I thank them for so much.


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